Etikett: ESA

Rosetta mission – Rendezvous with a comet

The quest for our origin goes on, ever and ever. Yesterday Philae the comet lander left the Rosetta spacecraft and successfully landed on the surface of the comet 67P Churimov Gerasimenko. The engineering behind this is mind blowing and I’m happy it all went well, although with a few bumps. Literally. The Rosetta is an ESA-project (European Space Agency) to explore the organic compunds of the comet and figure out comet impact on life on planet earth. Here I present some film clips from the historical moment as well as the short film ”Ambition” which tells us about the project in a more dramatic way. The film is hosted by Aidan Gillen, known for his role as Little Finger in the Game of Thrones series.

As a fantasy fiction writer I find this very inspiring and it gets my head spinning with ideas. I think the film ”Ambition” combines both fantasy elements and science-fiction in a way I like very much. Both genres have their appeal and I plan to combine them in a coming book series. Enjoy!